• VERSATILE WOUND DRESSING : The Dealmed Non-Sterile Post-Op Gauze Sponges are designed for dressing open wounds, prepping, cleaning, and more. They're great to have on hand for athletes, school nurses, lifeguards, ambulances, EMTs and at home first aid kits.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The 200 4-ply sponge gauze pads are 4 x 4 and designed with superior quality. The outer layer is constructed of highly absorbent non-woven fibers. They allow for ultimate absorption without sticking to the wound.
  • EASY TO ACCESS SLEEVE - Dealmed Non-Woven Sponges are conveniently packaged in 200 count sleeves. For quick and easy use, simply pull down one end for access. With multiple sizes available, no wound is ever left unattended.
  • FULL WOUND PROTECTION: Non-woven sponges mean lower risk of disrupting wound beds and lower risk of infections. Their non-woven material offers better wicking and more absorbency than single-layer sponges.